BrewOtaku is “The Homebrew Gaming Magazine” covering new games for old consoles, handhelds and computers. Almost daily we can spot new games for systems, which are obsolete for the majority of the Gamers out there. Dealing with limitations of very old systems is a passion and an art in itself, and still, coders out there can get the most out of the least.

Creating a magazine is associated with time, lot’s of time. We still made sure to keep it as affordable as possible. After one year after it’s digital release, the digital magazine will be even totally free – until then, we ask for your support.

DragonBox Shop, Germany:
Physical Copy: BrewOtaku #001 Physical (5,99€) – ships from Germany/EU
Digital Copy: BrewOtaku #001 Digital (2,50€) – ships digitally as a download

60 pages, A4 – four pages of advertising.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brewotaku
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brewotaku/

Current feedback and challenges:

  • Thanks for the awesome feedback we have recieved so far. A bit of it will be already reflected in BrewOtaku #002, which is WIP. ETA in early May 2024.
  • We are aware that shipping costs for the physical magazine are not optimal yet, we are working on possible solution and will keep you updated.
  • If you are interested to produce and offer BrewOtaku physically outside of Europe, please get in touch.